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Promotions Night!!

    Once upon a time, there was a church whose kids’ ministry and youth groups were so small that all of their special events could take place in a…


Acquire the Fire – Epic Truth – Stronger Than Fiction!

Tonight was testimony night and we shared about this past weekend at Acquire the Fire.  It was a great retreat weekend for the youth, youth leaders, and parents who attended….


“Out With the Old…”

Luke 5 : 33 – 39  “The Parable of the New Wine in Old Wineskins” Tonight we took a look at the Parable of the wineskins.  In Luke we find,…


“Teacher, what does it mean to owe something to someone?” “What can we owe someone?”

We walked right into another parable that Jesus taught to His disciples.  In Matthew 18:21-35, Jesus taught about what it meant to be forgiven.  Forgiven in God’s eyes, not man’s. …


Consider it….when you go through trials.

Tonight we had an inductive bible study night.  We looked into James 1:1-12, and our STOMP folks led the groups.  Amanda, Hanna, and Josh all led a group through the…

Kurt Schaer 2

Testimony Night…..Kurt Schaer

Tonight was Testimony Night and Kurt Schaer came to share with us!  For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is going to be our plenary leader…


Youth Movie Night

      Last night was movie night for both youth groups, as well as the kids’ club.  ZG watched the very funny and “punny” sequel to Cloudy with a…


Underground Church Experience

There is a line in a song by Charlie Peacock that says: “We can only possess what we experience. Truth, to be understood, must be lived.” About a year ago…


Mission Accomplished – January!!

Every month, Mission 659 of Terrace Palms has a mission.  January’s challenge was to collect baby stuff for the Pregnancy Care Center, one of TPCC’s supported missionaries.  We are proud…


In His Service – Whether Chained or Free

What a blessing it is to come together as a group, share blessings and concerns, pray together, and then open God’s word to learn from Him.  Tonight that is what…