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GOD’S BIG STORY Week 4: New Creation – A New Life Has Begun

This is our fourth lesson exploring God’s Big Story. God’s plan of redemption means that we don’t have to experience eternal separation from God-but it also means we can experience…


GOD’S BIG STORY Week 3: Redemption—The World Can Be Fixed

Our lesson tonight moved our group into the third “part” of God’s Big Story, building on the previous themes of how God created the world as something good, and how…


GOD’S BIG STORY Week 2: Fall—The World is Now Broken

Tonight’s lesson moves into the second “part” of God’s Big Story, building on the first week’s focus on how God created the world as it ought to be, and He…


GOD’S BIG STORY Week 1: Creation—God Saw That It Was Good

This week we started a four-week series called “God’s Big Story.” This series will provide teenagers with a big-picture view of God’s story, with the goal of giving students a…


Christmas Season 2014

Hey everyone!  It’s been a while since we’ve posted, but that doesn’t mean the TPCC youth haven’t been busy.  We’ve had quite a bit to celebrate this Christmas season and…


FREE Hugs!!

  The ZG, STOMP, and even a few of the Bridge youth participated in our Free Hugs outreach this past Sunday after church.  Juan Mann began the movement in hopes…


Sulphur Springs Spooktacular!!

  We had a great time ministering to some inner city kids through a mini Halloween carnival intended to keep the kids safe and off the streets in that neighborhood….


Messy with Wessy!!

Wow!  What a way to end the summer!  Messy with Wessy was kept under wraps and top secret all summer by the incredible Mr. Wes and the kids were NOT…


ZG and S.T.O.M.P. 2014 Hunger Games Lock-In

It’s always a little tricky to come up with a creative, popular theme for the annual back-to-school lock-in….one that we will enjoy putting together as much as the kids will…