Face to face with God (CORAM DEO)

I had just returned from church. It was about six o’clock. As I walked in the door, my dog Delilah came running up to me, she was happy to see me. It had been a long day but what a great day of worship, prayers and music. As I sat in my favorite chair, I leaned my cane on the side of the chair. I took a deep breath and turned the radio on, nice and low to listen to Christian music. I closed my eyes and began to hum the tune, “This is the air I breathe, this is the air I breathe, your Holy Spirit living in me”.

I don’t remember when I fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning there was Delilah with her head on her paws looking at me. I said to myself what a friend I have. You know I do have a few good friends, the kind that call’s you in “bad times” and “good times”, not just a “once in a while” friend.

It has been ten years since I have been by myself. My wife passed away and she is with the lord. The best friend I have is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Sometimes I feel his spirit, like when your hair stands up, you know.

I looked down at Delilah and she seemed so happy. As I gazed around my home, I was feeling a joy I had not felt in a long time. I heard the coffee machine go on. I do not recall setting the timer on last night, but that’s okay. I took my cup and went out to the porch in the back of the house; I watched the sun as it came up in the east. I looked up, yes there was the old Blue Jay singing his song. I could feel the slow wind that picks up as the sun starts coming up. I took a deep breath.

All of a sudden it seemed like I was falling or was I ascending up? I could not tell. I became frightened. I closed my eyes and felt a gentle breeze as if it was holding me up. Then everything around me became very quiet. Opening my eyes I looked down and said “oh my God”! I was in the air. I could hear my song “This is the air I breathe”. A hand took hold of my hand and a voice said “my son”. I gazed at this glowing figure, but I could not see his face, because of its brightness.

When he spoke to me, he said my son you are never alone. When you were in church, I was there, when you fell asleep last night, I was there. For every breath you take, I am there. I said my Lord, has my time come? Are you taking me home? He said no. There will be a day when I will come for you, to take you home. He turned and pointed way up high, saying look; do you see the sight of that great door up there? I said yes my Lord. That is the door to my glory in heaven. There is no distance or time, or any place to far for you to see I am here and there. So no matter where you go, I am there. He let go of my hand. As he walked on the clouds of heaven and looked back at me, he said, the next time we meet; it will be face to face. I blinked my eyes and I was back at home.

I opened my eyes with tears; they were tears of joy, for I will see my master face to face. I said to myself, I believe in the word of my Lord, for I trust in him, my Savior. He has given me the gift of faith. I will please him; I know that by his grace I have been saved. I know that I will have ever lasting eternal life. By living my life according to his will. He is the “Air I Breathe”. Amen.

Faith means being prepared to trust, what we are not permitted to see.

Frank Ferrera Sr.