eBay Challenge + Joy Stories = Doing Hard Things

downloadThe Joy FM is showcasing Joy Stories this year, stories that exemplify incredible and inexplicable joy in the midst of unimaginable circumstances.

Tonight we watched their latest Joy Story about a young wife and mom named Kristina. Instead of me telling you what her story is about. Here is a link to watch it for yourself.

Kristina’s Joy Story

Heart wrenching, right? Well we have decided that, as a group, our next rebelutionary project will be donating to Kristina’s Go Fund Me page to help her family with their specific needs to continue caring for Kristina and her son Lucas.

The eBay challenge is a challenge to each of us to find something in our home that is of some value and that we are willing to sacrifice for a greater cause, helping this family. We will bring our items to youth next week. Then we will put them on either eBay or Offer Up and sell them, donating all collective proceeds to Kristina and her family.

The kids were encouraged to do extra chores for money, look for items to eBay, and even share this need with family and friends who might donate as well.

We may be only a small group as far as youth groups go, but with our BIG God, we know we can exceed expectations and glorify Him through our efforts to bless this family. Will you help?