Organizing, Sorting, Straightening, and Praying



We have committed to going once a month to the Lamplighter library to straighten the shelves, add books if needed, and do some general organizing. That was tonight! Doing hard things is not a once and done project. Often times, it is continuous, as is our library project.

Once we finished with the bookshelves, we spent a few minutes walking the clubhouse and praying fo the children that visit there. We also talked about an opportunity over the summer to serve at Lamplighter once a week for a few hours for a Bible book and activity club with the kids who live there.

Sounds like another great do hard things mission is right around the corner!

Back at the church we sorted and boxed more donated books, putting our signature hearts in the fronts of them. Fire for our mission spread and another group made collecting books for us their March mission and so we were definitely busy! It was a great way to witness how doing hard things can be contagious and begin a domino effect in our community and the lives of others.