Chapter 11 and Another Do Hard Things Opportunity



It’s hard to believe we are almost done with this study! We discussed chapter 11 tonight, which was chock full of examples of young people who exceeded society’s expectations and did hard things. We reflected on all we’ve learned over the past few months and asked the kids to break into groups and sum up in a few words or a sentence what Do Hard Things was about. It will become our new mission statement for STOMP, as we don’t want doing hard things to come to an end just because we are finishing the book and video series.

Instead, we want this to be the beginning and carry it over into our new group of kids moving up from Zero Gravity in May.

So here it is…




I have goosebumps!!!! So proud of these guys and all they have learned and accomplished this year. Speaking of which, we had another mission tonight to add to our Do Hard Things list. Child Life at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa is in need of gently used children’s books of all ages to bless their younger patients with. The kids will actually be allowed to keep the books they choose from Child Life! We sorted through our inventory and boxed them up, but not before putting a heart in the front of each one.

Next week we will be blessed by Billy Hires sharing about his latest missionary adventures in India! We are asking the kids to bring in over-the-counter medications and other items for Billy and Donna to take with them to Cuba in April. Please encourage them to get involved!!