Are You A Fruit Stapler?



I know it’s been a while since we blogged our lessons, but they have been interspersed with book sorting and preparing for the spaghetti dinner auction and missionaries sharing.

We discussed chapter 10 tonight and watched the last segment of conference where Alex and Brett’s dad shared the difference between being a real Christian and being a nominal Christian…a Christian in name only. He gave the example of a crabapple tree in a field of sweet apple trees. Wanting to look like the other trees, it grabbed a bucket of sweet apples and stapled them all over its branches. Now, at least from a distance, the crabapple tree resembled a sweet apple tree. But up close, the staples could be seen.

Fake fruit in the life of a Christian will always be spotted when you look closely enough. Even artificial trees look are made to look real, but when you get closer, you can see the plastic posts the leaves are insterted into.

Great lesson!