Mission Lamplighter Library!!

Tonight was our first night back from Christmas break. After talking about what we did over the holidays and how it was to be back to routine, we began working on our next mission…the Lamplighter library. We are making fliers and bookmarks to pass out and hang at several local churches and collecting kids’ books for the next few weeks. Tonight we began separating the ones we already have into categories. Once all of the books are collected and sorted, we will stamp them with Lamplighter’s name inside the front cover and then head to Lamplighter with them to build their very own library. Exciting!

By the way, here are some pics from the Lamplighter Christmas party we had for the kids who signed up for the gift exchange. God’s Word was shared through the Christmas story, crafts were made, as well as friends, and gifts were given out.

Next week we continue our Do Hard Things video conference. It’s good to be back!