Lamplighter Fall Festival!

As you all know, in STOMP, the youth are learning to do hard things, exceed the low expectations of them that society sees as the norm for teenagers. Last Thursday, they had the opportunity to shatter some of those expectations and they did just that.

Doing hard things is defined differently by each of us. Some of us have a hard time speaking in front of others. Some are uncomfortable in crowds. Some are outside of their comfort zone working with little kids. Each of us was stretched differently at the Lamplighter Fall Festival. We were asked to paint faces, run games, man craft stations, help at a photo booth, play music, and dole out snacks. There were crowds of kids and parents and it got a little crazy for a while! But it was fun and we were stretched!

Here are some pictures of the night.

Trey at the Pumpkin Decorating Station

Brandon Running “Brains” and “Snot”

Face Painting

Photo Booth


Game On Shannon!