Teenagers Then and Now

img_0530We watched the second segment of the Do Hard Things video conference this evening while we enjoyed dinner together in the form of a baked potato bar.

Tonight we learned about the history of the word teenager and the connotations that go along with that word. We learned about 17-year-old George who was a land surveyor for an entire county, 12-year-old David who captained a ship just out of battle, and 11-year-old Kerissa who nursed her entire village when a smallpox epidemic broke out. The only thing that separated these young people from those in today’s society was that expectations of them and their capabilities was much higher than those of today. We continued to talk about expectations our parents and teachers have on us today, whether or not they are attainable, and if we could indeed set the bar even higher.

REALLY enjoying this study! We also discussed chapter 1 tonight and future hard things projects that STOMP is more than capable to achieving! Big things are coming! Stay tuned!