How I Found Praise and True Worship In Church By Frank Ferrera

True Praise and Worship


This is a story told to me by a member of our church. For the sake of his privacy, I will not mention his name. It all began with a conversation we had a week ago. We were talking about the music and how some seemed to enjoy it while others seemed to be bored. “I see no joy on their faces. Why do you think they are acting this way?” He said they act as though there is no reason to praise God. “It’s seems like routine to them, like any other Sunday morning and this is just what they do.” I said, “Well, everyone has their own way of worshiping, don’t you think?” I said this to him because I myself felt convicted by his words. Many times I have come to church feeling this way, routine. He looked at me while I pondered this and I think he knew what I was thinking. Was he really pointing at me the whole time with his question? He said goodbye, turned, and said, “I’ll see you Sunday.

I arrived Sunday to church and I looked around. Some were yawning. Others had their eyes closed. And all this was before worship had even begun! Talking to myself, I thought, I am going to watch my own actions and attitudes this morning and try to look more church-like. The call to worship began and the music started. I began to clap my hands to look as if I was really into it. My God, I thought. I am performing, not worshiping the Lord! The more I tried, the worse I felt, and the more convicted I felt. I looked around me. Some of the people were nodding and others looked as though they were thinking, why am I here? I was being a hypocrite. Was I really praising the Lord?

Tears ran down my face. My body began to shake. There were others around me who were lifting up their hands and crying out to God in true worship. I felt ashamed. I just stopped pretending and closed my eyes. The choir was singing the song, ‘Open Up the Heavens, I Want to See You’. I began to feel as if I were drifting away. It was if I was hearing echoes inside my own head. A chill came over me then and, as I opened my eyes, I found myself in a world that appeared a light color of gray.

Everything went suddenly quiet, though I could hear our choir, just very distant. Then, just as quickly, the song started to surround me loudly. It was right in front of me now. A beautiful door appeared and opened before me and this glorious light came shining through it. I heard a choir inside singing, ‘Open Up the Heavens”. A shining figure stepped out of the doorway and stood before me. I fell to my knees, face to the floor in fear. He said, “Do not be afraid. What you hearing are the angels of heaven joining in with your earthly choir. We worship with you and in every church that loves and worships our Lord. We worship His name, Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

He reached for my hand then, helped me to my feet, and said to me, “Stand up, look around you, and behold.” As I stood, I turned and there were people all around me as far as my eyes could see. He said, “These are people just like you. Today, in all churches, and every Sunday around the world, people have learned that the worship of our Savior and Lord is real.” As I began to walk closer towards him, it was as though, no matter how quickly I walked, I was drifting further and further away from him. Now the door began to close before my eyes as well. He called out to me, “Rejoice! Rejoice!” I awoke from my apparent vision to my own voice crying out, “Rejoice, rejoice!” People who were worshiping in the rows around me said, “What is wrong? Are you okay?” I exclaimed, “Let us sing that song again! Open up the heavens, I want to see you! Amen, Lord, amen!”


We can miss out so much in our praise of the Father. If we love the lord with all our hearts and strength and seek Him in praise, we will find Him.