Daniel – Stand Up Against Peer Pressure

zg djibril


It was great to see the kids tonight!  We so enjoy having them at class and we know that their parents/grandparents make it happen!!  Thank you!

Before we started our lesson tonight, the kids decorated their Djibril notes and they are ready to be mailed.  If your child missed turning them in… bring them Sunday.

This week we launched a new three-week series on the topic of “Dangerous People”.  Each lesson focuses  on a biblical character who did the right thing despite the risk of alienation, death or rejection.  We talked this week about Daniel, using Daniel 1 as our primary passage of Scripture.

Daniel and three friends chose in this chapter to do the right thing.  They were captives in Babylon, part of a group of young potential Israelite leaders who were taught about the government, culture, language and literature of Babylon – basically trained to serve in their captive land.  When told to follow the king’s rich diet, they chose to go a different way.  At the end of 10 days, these four guys looked healthier than all the young people who followed the king’s diet -showing that God’s way clearly the better way.

We encouraged our students to recognize how doing the right thing:
Allows God to use us
Increases our Trust in God
Allows others to see God