You’re One of Many Pieces

zg sept 2a


Tonight we completed the 3 part series called “Better Together”.

The first week we discussed the First Church and the need of the local church as a place to grow together and fulfill God’s plans and purposes for our lives.
Then last week we discussed A New Command where focused on the “glue” of a healthy ministry – love.
This week we finished our “Better Together” series with a lesson called “You’re One of Many Pieces”.  We’re continuing to see how as followers of Christ need the local church as a place to grow together and fulfill God’s plans and purposed for our lives.  This week, we examined several New Testament passages that describe how the church is a body and a family.
Most of us battle one of two tendencies:  We either see  ourselves as better than we really are, or we see ourselves as less significant than we really are.  It’s vital that we grasp Paul’s messages in Romans 12:3:  Have an honest evaluation of who you are.  Don’t think too highly or lowly; recognize that you’re valuable, essential, important – and so is every follower of Christ.
Our job is to find unique roles in the body, the family, the puzzle or the team, and then help others find their roles, too. We need to discover, develop, and use our spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, and experiences to honor God and serve others.
To introduce the concept that we are one of many pieces, we put together a puzzle.  It had a few pieces missing.  We were able to “see” the picture still but it wasn’t complete.  Missing pieces are those people who don’t get connected to the body of Christ.  We all have a role to play a part at Terrace Palms and when we don’t do “our” part… it hurts the whole body.
To remind us that we are one of many pieces – we all received a puzzle piece and wrote Romans 12:5 on the back – our memory verse:  We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.