Better Together!!

zg building a tower


It was GREAT to back together tonight!

We continued our Better Together series this week by focusing on the “glue” of a healthy ministry or church – LOVE.  If we’re committed to becoming a “body” and a “family” with deep, authentic friendships, we need love.

Love is more than just words or a feeling.  It is primarily an action, and Jesus commands his followers in John 13 to love one another.  Jesus also tells us that non-Christians will know that we are his followers if we truly love one another.

ZG kids saw how love holds us together  – it binds, unifies and strengthens us – like Krazy Glue!  We become more effective because of love.  We become more like Jesus because of love.  We have an impact on our world because of love.

To explain how love can bind us together we used Jenga blocks and built a tower.  Easily, with a tiny push all the blocks toppled over.

We then used Legos and built a tower.  Because the Lego’s interlocked, the tower didn’t over topple over as easily.
Our lesson was based on John 13:35 – “So now I am giving you a new commandment:  Love each other.  Just as I have loved you, you should love each other”
With school starting back – we don’t want to stress the kids out with scripture memory.  So I’ll record a video tomorrow and send it to them to help them memorize it!
We missed you Victoria and Keanu!  So glad to have our first visitor friend Butch joining us!