Sacrificial Giving

A while back, you may remember that the junior youth group participated in an opportunity called the eBay Challenge.  The Zero Gravity youth kids had a chance to surrender one of their “valuables” to us to list on eBay.  They gave ipods, Kindle readers, and gaming systems that, when all was said and done, brought in $212.
Scan0001 (2)That money they chose to send to Djibril BaMoussa, the child ZG has sponsored through World Vision for the past four years or so.  World Vision caps individual gifts at $200 and so the additional $12 was given to Djibril’s community.
Today we got a letter from Djibril (seen in pic with brother and mother).  In it, he thanked us for our gift.  He was able to buy two goats for milk for his family, making it possible for them to never have to buy milk from the store anymore.  They get a liter of milk every day from the goats.  Djibril loves soccer and also bought a ball to play with his friends after school.  He was able to also purchase a book bag, shoes, a belt, pants, and a baseball hat for school clothes.
Djibril’s community bought five brooms to help keep their primary school clean with the additional $12.
I am so proud of our kids who, at an early age have learned the importance of sacrificial giving to those in need and that you cannot out give God.
Scan0001 (3)
New Brooms for School