Promotions Night!!





Once upon a time, there was a church whose kids’ ministry and youth groups were so small that all of their special events could take place in a little multipurpose room off to the side.  Then one day, God brought a flood of more great kids and youth to this tiny church and they began to grow, and grow, and grow!  Now, their special events have to take place in the sanctuary!!

Wednesday night was promotions night for the TPCC Mission 659 gang.  We prayed, praised and worshiped, and then prayed some more!








Specifically, we prayed for Jonathan Bertic as he gets ready to head on his second mission trip to Haiti next week.

See that stack of neatly folded and colorful clothes sitting there?  Those are dresses that Jonathan will be taking to Haiti to pass out and that have been handmade and “sewn with love” by some awesome women of God!


8 Ways of the Wise


Three New ZG’ers!




The Kids’ Club kids went first in promotions and taught us all their 8 ways of the wise.  There amazing teacher is Kimberly Cragg, aided by Talinda Kelly and Jessica Helsel.






Three of the Kids’ Club kids were then promoted and “crossed the bridge” to the Zero Gravity youth group (taught by John & Tara Bertic) as ZG crossed over 8 of their kiddos to STOMP!




“Newbies” were received with high 5’s and hugs all around!











And because Mr. Wes is so loved and will be so missed by his kids who were being promoted, there was a special time of them reminding him of all he means to them with gifts, hugs, and even a few tears.  The tears of sadness turned to tears of joy, however, when it was announced that Mr. Wes would be joined by the amazing Ms. Jennifer Nichols as STOMP’s newest youth leader!














The Bridge









Ten STOMP’ers moved on up to TPCC’s newest youth group, The Bridge, taught by Charles and Jennifer Burbank.

To cap off the graduation celebration, we  gathered round for a good old fashioned head shaving!  Mr. Wes graciously encouraged the kids at last week’s car wash that, if they raised $800, he would let them shave his head!  WOW!  Guess what?  They raised $801!  Let the buzzing begin!  As you can see, not just the youth got in on the action!




Josh took a “whack” at it!












And here’s a flash from the past…the incredible Mr. E….STOMP’s former youth Pastor, comparing those not-so-curly locks of love with Mr. Wes.











New classes begin next week!  Oh, and God, there’s still room for more youth so…..bring ’em on!

Thanks for the pics Suzanne!