Life Groups – Why?

  • Prayer. Life Groups provide a platform for fervent, intimate, focused, scriptural based prayers of praise, petition, and intercession.
  • Intimacy. Life Groups provide a vehicle for getting to know each other in a special way, enabling mutual support and encouragement.
  • Sharing. Group closeness leads to security, trust, and confidentiality in discussing personal issues not appropriate for discussion in larger groups.
  • In the Word. The repetitive nature of Life Group topics leads to being continually in the Scriptures. Our  Pastor’s messages become even clearer and application more meaningful. Repetition in the Word un-earths spiritual treasures.
  • Biblical Knowledge. Life Groups point us to the Scriptures. The more we immerse, the better we comprehend. Participation in topical discussions and sharing individual insights lead to better Biblical understandings.
  • Fellowship. The joy of studying with, praying with, and simply being with fellow believers brings joy we all treasure and eagerly anticipate.
  • Accountability. A two way sense of accountability develops as the group matures. Each member feels a need to look out for – to be there for another member. There also a feeling of responsibility to be at each meeting, to fill the role that God has assigned. We are encouraged by the knowledge that our fellow members are praying for us and are there to stand with us whatever the need.
  • Ice cream.