Peter Mochama Nyaboga

In my parents religion we didn’t believe in Jesus the Son of God – but in another “Jesus” who was just a man from Kenya. This man claimed to be the messiah and his name was Melkio Ondeto. This man said that he would die and resurrect again, but he died like any other man and his grave is still there.

After my studies I moved to Kisumu city, where I worked in a clothing factory. That’s where I first heard the gospel of Christ preached and I became a believer in Jesus Christ and was saved. I soon found myself with a burden on my heart to start sharing my testimony and I preached from John 3:16 and people came to Christ and were saved. Many people joined our Church.

I decided to relocate from Kisumu to Kisii to share my testimony with my people, but even the Christian leaders rejected the message of grace. There was a time when myself, brother Allan Weatherall and the team from Australia were prevented from preaching and teaching in the churches in one town. I was also prevented from teaching a group of Christians from different churches in Sagana in Kirinyaga district. They said, “You cant preach that gospel of grace here… we believe in works.” But we have not given up and I still have a burden in my heart because I have been called to preach the gospel.

In 2006, I relocated from Kisii to Bomet in Kericho District in Kenya. I had tried to start a business so that I could support myself, my family and the ministry. I started a hair salon with my wife and was planning to open a boutique and tailoring shop. I also wanted to start a school to help train single mothers, widows, orphans and destitute people so that they could earn a living. Then came the unstable election time in my country when the Presidential votes were stolen and we had violence everywhere in the country.

I found myself being one of the unwanted tribes in our nation and many of my people were killed. We lost property and everything we owned to looters. At that time I had been invited to minister in Trans-Nzoia and my son, Joshua, was in Kisumu and the remaining members of my family were in Kericho. It was a very bad time in my life. I had no money, no way to make phone calls, no means of transport – nothing. It took many days for our family to meet again but after the military helped transport people home, that’s when I discovered that my family were all alive, although we were left with only the clothes that we were wearing.

So we are alive today by the grace of God and I still have a burden to preach the gospel. I’m sharing this from the bottom of my heart, having lost everything and starting again from zero. Everything I had worked hard for for many years is gone, but I still have the gift that God gave me – to preach the gospel.

At the moment I have many needs for my family and ministry and I ask my brothers and sisters who read this to pray for us, and if the Lord leads you to help us we would be so thankful to God for that.