Our Vision

TPCC-ProfileHere at Terrace Palms, we want this to be a place of authentic Christianity. By that we mean, this is a “come as you are” fellowship. We don’t want to put on smiles, or have fronts or games. We are where we are. If we’re having a rough day, we’re having a rough day. If we’re struggling with sin, we’re struggling with sin. But we must acknowledge it and be transformed more and more into the image of Christ and that’s a part of the family atmosphere we want to keep here and just be authentic in who we are, where we are, and what Christ is doing and needs to do in us.

Terrace Palms needs to be a place for hurting people, wounded people, confused people. The church should be like a hospital. Jesus said, “I did not come for those who are healthy, but for those who are sick.” That healing comes primarily through the Spirit of God, applying His Word to our situation and the reality is, He often uses the people of God in that process and that’s why we need to be involved in a local church.

To best explain our vision, I like this visual. We are a circle of people, standing holding hands. We are standing on an open Bible. There are two important aspects to this. First of all, our feet standing on that Bible are like tree trunks with deep roots going into the Word, meaning we have got to be, as a part of our vision, a people who are founded on the Word of God. And as we hold hands, a second important aspect is that we are not looking to the middle of the circle. We are holding hands looking outward, out into the world. We cannot be inward. We’ve got to always have our vision looking out into this world. We are people connected to each other, dependent on each other. That’s the circle founded on the Word and looking out into the world. That vision is expressed in our purpose.