Monthly Archives: March 2011


The Reason for God – Part 3

Tonight after our DVD session, we talked about rules. We asked the kids what rules are, where they have rules to follow, and whether or not they like rules overall….


The Reason for God – Part 2

Tonight after the DVD we started by asking the kids to think about how many different ways there are to get to the kitchen from inside the church building. Since…


The Reason for God – Part 1

Ok parents, bear with us here, but we really felt the new lifegroup series was so important in this generation’s understanding on how to defend and explain their faith, that…


Removing the Rust

We talked about true repentance tonight and used the visual Mr. Dave Hancock gave us in his sermon on Sunday. Basically, Mr. Dave said that walking around and calling yourself…


The Holy Spirit – Part 2

We continued our talk about the Holy Spirit tonight. We talked about the Israelites’s sin in Exodus 32 with the making of the golden calf and how God was so…